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Dungeondraft Custom Assets

You can either try out the free trial pack, pay for the two packs outright, or buy a quarterly subscription ($4.50). If you purchase a pack outright, then for the next three quarters, you will be offered a coupon to purchase the next pack update if you sign up for email updates.

One quarter after purchase: 75% off 

Two quarters after purchase: 50% off

Three quarters after purchase: 25% off

If you sign up, I will send you an email once a quarter with the latest assets update and/or coupons. However, if you don't download something for 4 quarters, you will no longer receive emails.

Disclaimer: This is not yet a complete replacement of the default Dungeondraft assets, but it aims to be around Spring 2023.

Note: Do not use the assets for commercial purposes without a commercial license -which are available for a one-time fee.

The quarterly subscription in the store above is $4.50 per 3 months. Alternatively, you can subscribe to Patreon and get the same benefits for $5 per quarter. Patreon has more expensive fees, and that is why it is more expensive per quarter.


These are images developed in Dungeondraft using Nightbrew Studio Assets.

August 2022 Showcase-min
stair test.jpg
Forest 1.2.jpg
June Release Showcase.jpg
unknown (1).png
Forest by Lake Spring.jpg
May Nightbrew Studio Showcase.jpg
Features Pic 1.8.png



Nightbrew assets utilize the colorable features of Dungeondraft as much as possible.

This allows for greater customization while reducing the number of assets to scroll through.


Assets are optimized to help Dungeondraft run smoother.

Nightbrew asset file sizes are shrunk and they are packed in fewer packs. Variations of assets are also optimized to help limit how much scrolling through objects is needed. Prioritizing quality over quantity.


Nightbrew assets have shadows built-in the assets as much as possible.

Adding in shadows commonly takes longer than adding the map features. This is not the case with Nightbrew Assets. Note: Unfortunately, the Dungeondraft roof tool does not support this at this time.

No Royalties

Commercial use of Nightbrew assets does not require royalties. For a commercial license only a one-time fee is required.

How to load assets into Dungeondraft

Below is a gif showing how to load assets into Dungeondraft. Make a folder for your asset pack and place them in your folder.

How to load assets.gif

Asset To-Do List

Below is my to-do list that I use to prioritize which assets I'll make next. Feel free to join our discord and make suggestions, share your maps, and view upcoming assets and give feedback.

August 2022 Man-Made Assets Change Log

This is a comparison between the August 2022 and the July 2022 Man-Made Asset Pack.

August 2022 Nature Assets Change Log

This is a comparison between the August 2022 and the July 2022 Nature Asset Pack.

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