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Commercial License Options

Plain English description:

 • The license is only valid if you can demonstrate the purchase of this license.

• You cannot give this license to another person.

• The license allows you to use the assets named in your own maps and/or other larger works of art for commercial purposes.

• You must provide attribution when sharing any of your work made with these assets.

• You may make modifications to the assets only for use in your own work.

• You may not sell or share the asset pack or any of its contents.

• You cannot use these assets to make new assets to sell or otherwise distribute.

• You take full responsibility for whatever happens when you use the asset pack.


Commercial License for all assets (both the Man-Made and the Nature packs)

This is a commercial license for all the Nightbrew Studio Asset packs, including both

 the Man-Made Asset Pack 1 (tagged with [NBS1] in Dungeondraft) and

the Nature Asset Pack 2 (tagged with [NBS2] in Dungeondraft).


Commercial License for the Man-Made Nightbrew Studio Asset Pack 1

This is a commercial license for just the Man-Made Nightbrew Studio Asset Pack 1 (tagged with [NBS1] in Dungeondraft.


Commercial License for the Nature Nightbrew Studio Asset Pack 2

This is a commercial license for just the Nature Nightbrew Studio Asset Pack 2 (tagged with [NBS2] in Dungeondraft.

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