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Our Story

Behind the Counter

Hello, come in from the dark, pull up a chair. The night is dark and full of terrors, but our drinks cause the nightmares to fade. I've seen that look before. You have suffered, haven't you? All who make it here have. 

The barkeep polishes a mug silently for a moment before handing you a brew. It tastes bitter at first, then finishes with a sweetness and a burn that warms your body as it goes down. 

Stay for as long as you like, friend. Share your own story, or listen to the song of our local bard. Whatever drove you to seek out this place, remember, if you ever get lost in the mists - look for the were light. It will lead you back to our door. 

Adam Portrait.jpg

Adam Martin

Primary Author of the Virtue Lost Saga

Becoming a writer requires one thing, and one thing only: readers. That's it. It has nothing to do with a best-seller rank, awards, degree or publishing house. It has to do with whether others are going to choose to sit down and volunteer to turn page after page and follow the mental journey that I have set. I have done this, first as a GM for private Ultima Online shards, and second as a dungeon master. 

After ten years of work I created a world. After a year, with the help of my loving wife, Kathleen, I created a journey which documents the existential struggles and torture of the poor players I drug along with me. I learned a lot exploring the shadows of Sanctus Terra, and I hope to share that journey with you through many books. And at the end, for those who walk the entire journey, I hope to have a very special reward. But before we get to the ending, we have to begin. Check out the Virtue Lost Saga

Kathleen Portrait.jpg

Kathleen Martin

Primary Illustrator of the Dungeondraft Assets and Battle Maps

I created dungeondraft maps for about a year (Nov 2020 - Nov 2021) using other people's assets for a homebrew campaign. Around December 2021, I decided I was going to learn digital art and create my own assets. 

I won several art awards in high school and sold almost all of my paintings with traditional media, however, my career for over a dozen years after high school was focused on aerospace/systems engineering.


Now a new adventure awaits...

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